The Rugby World cup is currently taking place in Tokyo, and Canada's national team has done its best to try and win the prestigious title. In the team's game against South Africa, Canada's own Josh Larsen tackled South African player Thomas du Toit and received a red card for it. However, it was what happened in the locker room after that has people truly impressed.

After the game, Larsen entered the South African locker room and grabbed everyone's attention by apologizing for his tackle.

"I just wanted to come and apologize for my red card tonight," Larsen said in a video posted on the Springboks Twitter page. "I'm pretty gutted about it but I just wanted to apologize to you guys face-to-face and wish you all the best for the rest of the tournament."

Larsen's apology was met with applause and friendly chants from the South African team. Someone even appeared to hand Larsen a beer (which he ended up declining).

"This is what rugby is all about," the South African team wrote in the tweet along with the video. "Thanks Josh and well done to @RugbyCanada on your RWC campaign, and thank you for a great game of rugby!"

There were a lot of positive replies to Larsen's act of sportsmanship on Twitter, with some of them noting how Larsen truly represented his country by doing one of the most Canadian things out there, saying "sorry."

Twitter user @mariekevdw91 shared an image defining "sorry" as a "common Canadian apology. Very often overused, Canadians are polite and proud of it... sorry."

"I am proud to be Canadian. We’ll always find an excuse to say sorry.......#sorry," wrote @londondoghouse.

Canada's rugby team only has one game left to play against Namibia in the World Cup after being defeated by South Africa, New Zealand, and Italy. Larsen will also have to attend a disciplinary hearing on his tackle.

Still, it's nice to see players like Larsen representing Canada on the world stage. If he had thrown an "eh" in with his apology and brought donuts to the locker room, he would have got the Canadian apology hat trick!

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