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A Liberal MP Is Under Fire For Saying Black Canadians Love Trudeau More After Blackface

The Toronto based candidate has apologized for the comments.

In an interview clip that has now gone viral, Liberal candidate Judy Sgro's blackface comments have shocked many people online. In the interview with radio station GBKM FM, Sgro, who is the current MP for Humber River-Black Creek said that black people in her riding have "more love" for Trudeau in light of his blackface scandal. 

The comments came as Sgro was asked by the host how people in her riding were reacting to the blackface/brownface scandal as Sgro is "a representative of a community filled with visible minorities." 

In response, Sgro said, "It's very sad that something that was done 20 years ago... all of us were young at one time." She continued saying that while door-knocking in her riding, "those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the prime minister." 

She also said black members of her community told her "that [Trudeau] wanted to have a black face, that they took great pride in that too." 

In the clip, the host responded saying "It's good to hear that." 

However, many people on Twitter don't agree that the comments are "good to hear." Instead many have taken to social media to express outrage at Sgro and her take on Trudeau's blackface scandal. 

The clip was originally shared by Andray Domise, AKA Spooky Rexdale Mans on Twitter. In the tweet, Domise said, "lmao Judy Sgro (L - Humber River-Black Creek) says her Black constituents love Justin Trudeau even more because he took pride in the effort to have a black face I am finishedddddd."

Other Twitter users were quick to respond and at the time of publishing, Judy Sgro was trending on Twitter. 

One Twitter user said, "Judy Sgro is a disgrace to her constituents and race." Meanwhile, another Twitter user said "HOW in TARNATION do people this shallow get themselves elected to a public office? Canada, pay attention to who you elect or empower. This is absurd!"

A user from a riding close to Sgro's also chimed in saying, "Wow! To think that I used to live next to Judy Sgro's riding... Pathetic." 

Sgro has since released a statement apologizing for her comments. In her statement, she called the comments insensitive and apologized saying she should have known better. 

Sgro said, "the history of blackface is deeply racist and it is nothing other than discriminatory." She concluded by saying she will continue to have serious and sensitive conversations with her constituents about these matters. 

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