If you've ever needed a reason to be an early riser, this is it. This week, a rare planetary alignment is happening. Western skies will see Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars "dance around the moon" starting tonight.

Today, the moon shifted into place with Jupiter. But the real magic happens soon.

So, mark your calendars for April 15 and 16.

Space.com reports that viewers will also see the moon meet up with Saturn (aka our planetary system's ringed wonder). On Thursday, April 16, the moon will come close to Mars. 

The best time to see it all happen is predawn at about 3 a.m. PST starting April 15. If you have a telescope, that will provide you with the best view of the planets all lining up.

The website also notes the best time to see Jupiter is "just after the break of dawn, when the planet will appear at its highest above the horizon."

Those who want to see Saturn should wait until around 5 a.m. on April 15. 

The planet might appear a bit lower than Jupiter and the image could look distorted due to atmospheric turbulence, says Space.com.

While it's fun to imagine the planets dancing, it's all actually a matter of perspective.

According to the website, the moon is approximately 243,000 miles away from Earth.

The three planets mentioned are even further. 

Mars is a whopping 125 million miles away, Jupiter is 473 million miles distant, and Saturn is way out in outer space (excuse our dad joke), at 936 million miles.

This has been the month of celestial wonders. On April 7, western skies got to witness a rare pink supermoon. 

Next, a full flower moon is coming to dazzle the skies in May. We're looking forward to all the wonders to come.