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Cities All Over Ontario Are Opening Their Own Versions Of Jurassic Park Tomorrow

Canadian cities are replicating Toronto's Jurassic Park and hosting public Game 1 viewing parties.
Cities All Over Ontario Are Opening Their Own Versions Of Jurassic Park Tomorrow

Unless you have thousands of dollars to purchase tickets to Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Toronto, watching the game in downtown Toronto's Jurassic Park is a nearly perfect alternative. Located just outside of Toronto's Scotiabank Arena, Jurassic Park offers similar thrills to sitting courtside for free. These Ontario cities will also be opening their own versions of Jurassic Park Toronto tomorrow.

It isn't just Toronto that gets to revel in the excitement of hosting a Raptors public viewing party. Fans living in the Mississauga and Brampton will now be able to celebrate alongside other devout Raptors supporters at their own respective versions of Jurassic Park.

Mayors Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga and Patrick Brown of Brampton announced that the cities have received permission directly from MLSE to open temporary viewing parties that would replicate Jurrasic Park.  The viewing squares will be ready before Game 1 on Thursday night, Global Newsreports.

According to Crombie, the venue of Mississauga's "Jurassic Park West" will be Celebration Square, and Brampton's temporary "Jurassic Square" will be held at Garden Square.

Other Canadian cities are getting in on the Raptors action by creating their own versions of Jurassic Park before the start of the NBA Finals. Kingston, Ontario announced yesterday that Raptors games would be broadcasted live in Springer Market Square.

The city of Burlington, Ontario also revealed today that their downtown Civic Square will be transformed into their version of Jurassic Park, called Burassic Park. Burlington will be hosting both Game 1 and Game 2 viewing parties in Burassic Park for free.

Vancouver was also planning to host a similar event, but according to Global News, the city's Raptors public viewing party has since been cancelled.

Be sure to watch the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday at 9:00 PM.

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