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Forget Burger Joints, You Can Get Your Sandwiches From A Boat On This Florida Island

Lunch on the beach? The perfect day out!
Forget Burger Joints, You Can Get Your Sandwiches From A Boat On This Florida Island

Usually, if you take a trip out to one of Florida's secluded islands to witness the beauty of the coast, you'll have to pack a lunch or head back to the mainland for a bite to eat. On Keewaydin Island, you can get lunch from the Just Beachy Burger Boat.

Just off the coast of Naples lives Keewaydin Island, a barrier island oasis with some of the most stunning views you can find. You'll have to take a boat to get there - but getting there is totally worth it.

If you have a boat, you will have to launch off of a nearby boat ramp and navigate to the island; if you don't own a boat or simply don't trust your own navigational skills, you can take a ferry too.

A boat ride there will take you about 30 minutes, enjoy all that Florida Sunshine on the way. Once there, you'll be greeted with stunning turquoise hues sparkling against Keewaydin's white sandy beaches, and of course Just Beachy Burgers, a burger boat that parks on the island.

Just Beachy Burgers serves up those savory bites that you crave after a day in the sun. Grab a mouthwatering cheeseburger, go a bit lighter with a spicy chicken sandwich or a corndog, or maybe you're feeling fishy and want a grouper taco (or beef if that's more your style) with fries - whatever your appetite, they have a little bit of everything to satisfy any savory craving.

After you have a burger, you can cool off with a sweet treat from the pink ice cream boat too! We're thankful for the minds behind both of these awesome snack boats; a perfect little lunch for Keewaydin Island goers!

They even have a special burger called The Island Burger that was featured on The Food Network's Food Boats in 2018.

If you happen to live in the Bay Shore Arts District, you may have seen the Just Beachy Burger boat - it uses the canal to travel to and from Keewaydin Island; next time you see it wave them down for a quick tasty bite without ever leaving your backyard.

Of course, you're coming to Keewaydin for the views and to enjoy nature; venture off to the other side of the island. You'll find long stretches of sandy beach perfect for shelling, swimming, fishing, and snorkeling - or you can just sink your toes into the white sands and layout in the sunshine, all with your burger in hand.

Just Beachy Burgers Boat

Location: West of Naples, usually in the water along the way, in the Bayshore Arts District Canal, or parked right on Keewaydin Island.

Hours: The boat is usually on the island from 11am-3pm, sometimes there a bit earlier or later depending on how busy the island is that day.

Why you need to go: You can get all the stunning island views while having a bite to eat - a beautiful day out on the Keewaydin Island oasis. This is probably the best way to treat yourself this summer and relax; Prices are affordable ranging from a couple of bucks to between $4-$14. You can even camp on the island in designated areas, or rent a stunning Island Home with its own section of beach!


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