We all love some cute celeb couple pics. Justin and Hailey Bieber went on a double date with their parents in West Hollywood last night. And OMG, the pics are so cute!

The newlyweds enjoyed a cozy family dinner at Black Star Burger for the restaurant’s grand opening. According to ENews, Justin even stood up and gave a congratulatory speech at one point in the night.

Guests at the restaurant said everyone seemed to be having a great night. They looked so happy to have their family there with them.

Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, posted a super adorable Instagram pic of the bunch, with the caption “ I love my family” and a red heart emoji.

She also uploaded a selfie of the group to her Instagram story. Justin threw up a peace sign and Hailey posed with super-cheesy mozzarella sticks.

All of the pictures of the food look delicious. We just might be stopping by soon.

After dinner, the gang went to Justin and Hailey’s LA home and hung out for some family bonding time. Hailey’s dad Stephen Baldwin started an Instagram live video of his frozen yogurt and then tried out riding on Justin’s Segway hovershoes while Justin held his hand to help him balance.

Here is the cute family photo from their dinner. Just look at the love! It's total fam goals.

At home, Pattie added the song “Ok” by Robin Shultz in the background on Insta when Baldwin scooted around the LA house.

Justin went for a spin on the hovershoes afterward, balancing on one foot as he glided down the hallway, holding a hockey stick.

His mom seemed to love it, posting the video on her Instagram story, saying “graceful as a swan.” Queen’s “We Are The Champions” is hilariously playing in the background.

Justin And Hailey Bieber Went On An Adorable Double Date With Their Parents In LA

We’re glad to see the gang is getting some fun family time. The pics are super-cute and it looks like the Biebers and the Baldwins all had a blast on their night out!

Justin And Hailey Bieber Went On An Adorable Double Date With Their Parents In LA