If you've been keeping up with the whirlwind engagement and marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, you'll know they've been doing plenty and making headlines constantly. 

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Although they are believed to be married already, through a courthouse wedding in New York, the couple are now back in Canada, and according to ELLEplanning their wedding that will take place in the homeland of Justin Bieber, our resident Canadian singer. 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spotted in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Sept. 26th#JustinBieber #TheSocialCelebrity #PCAs pic.twitter.com/nBzA05EKe8

September 26, 2018

Justin and Hailey Baldwin with fans in Kitchener, Ontario. (September 26) pic.twitter.com/NaSaVvy4cP

September 26, 2018

They were spotted by fans in Bieber's home province, Ontario, just yesterday. And if that wasn't enough proof, Baldwin also showed signs of them being in Canada on her Instagram. She posted an Insta story on Tuesday of a Timmy's cup, which is pretty much as Canadian as you can get. 

@haileybaldwincrembedded via  

The couple are believed to be having their wedding in Canada. Now although that might be confusing to people because they are allegedly legally married already, sources have said that Hailey Baldwin doesn't consider it legit unless it is a religious ceremony, according to People

A source told said that the venue of the wedding of the year will likely be held at Justin Bieber's newly bought Canadian mansion, according to TMZ. The singer bought a huge $5 million dollar mansion in Wellington County, Ontario just a month ago in August. 

This all comes after their European honeymoon, where they were seen heavily laying on the PDA across the continent, making stops in London to Italy and Switzerland. 

Now they are currently back in Ontario, Canada and we all know there's no predicting this young couples next move – so you never know when they might (re)tie the knot with their wedding.