Ah, the young love between Hailey Baldwin Baldwin and Justin Bieber. Young love that conquers all. The two have had a whirlwind relationship, from dating for a few months, to breaking up, to getting back together and quickly getting engaged. And then back in September they made it official and got married. Well, kind of official. They went to court and got married, but it still counts! But fans have been asking when they'll officially get married... and it seems like it won't be for a while. Justin Bieber’s wedding is postponed and the real reason isn’t what you think. 

According to PeopleHayley and Justin were planning on getting married this month. Yes, January. So now that the two are living in Canada, that means they'd have a frigid cold winter wedding. I mean, whatever floats you boat! However, the couple decided to postpone the wedding, and the reason isn't what you think. 

Hailey and Justin are seen everywhere together. He can be seen singing to her on the streets of whatever city, holding hands while walking down the street, and even crying together on a bench. So they're definitely not putting the wedding aside because they're having troubles. 

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The real reason they're postponing the wedding is because they're still figuring out the perfect date so that all of their friends and family can attend. Since they're already legally married, it doesn't really matter when they 'officially' end up tying the knot!

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So if you came here looking for a sad, sad reason, unfortunately this isn't the couple. While we definitely cannot wait for this rich AF wedding, it seems like Hailey and Justin can. So whether they wed in Canada or wed somewhere around the world, we'll be waiting.