Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwins Second Wedding Costs As Much As Your House, Here's Why

We just want to pay off our student loans.
Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwins Second Wedding Costs As Much As Your House, Here's Why

Millennials' biggest fear is wondering how they'll ever be able to afford a house or have a stable life, and generation Z's aren't far behind. With ever-rising house prices, thousands of dollars in student debt, and companies' inability to pay their interns, our futures don't look very bright. If you wanted to get even more stressed about your future today just think about how Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spent 500,000 dollars on their second wedding this past weekend. That's enough for you to buy a house! 

A year after the two got married in a New York courthouse, they've finally tied the knot again. This time it was in front of their family and friends at an insanely beautiful ceremony. The weekend started off with a rehearsal dinner at their South Carolina venue. It was so bougie guests had to take sailboats to get to the dinner. From there, the two had what can only be described as the wedding of their dreams. E! News broke down for us exactly why the wedding cost so much.

Their venue was a big chunk of the cost. They spent their wedding weekend, while also accommodating their guests, at South Carolina's Montage Palmetto Bluff. The couple reserved the entire resort meaning that it would have cost them at least 140,000 dollars. 

The only way they could pull off that venue without at least a year's notice was by hiring the best party planner in Hollywood, Mindy Weiss. Her prices which include her service, her staff wages, travel costs, lighting, and videographer, come to around 151,000 dollars. 

It was also estimated that in food just for their 150 guests, they spent over 90,000 dollars for the weekend. Seafood definitely does not come cheap! 

While the details of Hailey's dress haven't been revealed, we do know that she wore 123,000 dollars earrings from Tiffany's. There's also been no info on Bieber's tux unless he was series about the options he posted on his Instagram last week! 

Finally, there are also all the service charges that people don't take into account. For example, bartender fees, a farewell brunch that is apparently offered at the hotel, and the 23% banquet hall charge that is added to the total bill. We also can't forget the Canadian wedding singer, Daniel Caesar.

Needless to say, this wedding would be a dream for anyone of us. Although, after all the struggles the couple has gone through this past year we're glad their wedding turned out as perfect as they dreamed!

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