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Justin Bieber And Jimmy Fallon Tried To Prank People In New York But No One Noticed (VIDEO)

Nobody even bothers to turn around and look!
Justin Bieber And Jimmy Fallon Tried To Prank People In New York But No One Noticed (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallontotally punked an entire park full of people. Not just any park, Central Park in New York City. The Tonight Show host and popstar went around taking part in a little challenge called “Musical Photobomb”. They were dressed in the most ridiculous disguises. 

Their hilariously dumb outfits consisted of suits, wigs, and fake mustaches. They went around the park pranking people young and old as they busted out silly dance moves around them as cameras watched.

But, the funniest part of all is that not a single person noticed.

Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Youtube

Not only did people not realize the two weirdos dancing around them were Jimmy and Justin, most of the prankees didn't even bother to pay them any attention. The only ones who fell into the infectious dancing were two little kids showing off their “flossing”.

The video ends with Jimmy and Justin, clearly out of breath from busting all those moves, ripping off their disguises. And then that’s when everyone starts to care, obviously. Justin posed with screaming fans half dressed in his silly attire.

Via The Late Night Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Youtube

The segment was filmed back in August but aired on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show where they broadcasted live from Central Park.

While Bieber’s August visit to Central Park may have been incognito, he was spotted earlier that day in the city with fiance, Hailey Baldwin which began fueling rumours.

As reported byTMZ, the couple was seen at A New York courthouses where marriage licenses are issued. This got tabloids speculating whether the two had a courthouse wedding or were just getting their marriage license. Hmm, suspicious.

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Take a look at Justin and Jimmy’s prank below, and try not to die laughing!

Source:Youtube, TMZ

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