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Justin Bieber & NHLer Jordan Binnington Have An Epic Hockey Bet To Raise Money For Charity

The singer is bringing the giving spirit into the New Year.
Justin Bieber & Jordan Binnington's Shootout Challenge

People love to joke about how much Canadians love hockey, but Justin Bieber and Jordan Binnington's shootout challenge really proves just how much the Canadian singer loves the sport.

If you follow Bieber on Instagram, you've probably seen a ton of advertising for his new single that dropped yesterday called "Yummy". What you also may have seen though, is the pop star accepting a challenge from Binnington, the St. Louis Blues goalie.

The NHL player proposed to bet to Bieber, suggesting that if the "10,000 Hours" singer could score one breakaway on him out of 10 chances, Binnington would bleach his hair platinum blonde.

Seeing as the holiday season just ended, Bieber seemed to be still in the giving spirit and suggested that instead, if he could score a goal, Binnington should donate $10,000 to a charity of his choice.

The Canadian icon may not be a professional hockey player, but as a superfan of the sport he definitely knows a thing or two about it, and he even recently met up with a few members of the Toronto Maple Leafs to play some shinny.

Binnington has yet to reply to Bieber's suggestion on Instagram, but fans are anxiously waiting to see if the "Yummy" singer can out-do the NHL goalie on the ice.

We're only three days into 2020, but the year is already shaping up to be a huge one for the 25-year old.

All through 2019, he was teasing that his first album since 2015's Purpose is on the way, and he also announced that he'll be heading out on tour and has a new docu-series coming our way.

A release date for the album remains unclear, but the YouTube Original series called Justin Bieber: Seasons will be premiering on January 27.

Bieber's 2020 tour will be taking him to four Canadian cities — Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Ottawa. You can buy tickets for the shows on Vivid Seats.

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