There was once a beautiful time where Justin Bieber and One Direction took over the music charts and were all the media and fangirls talked about. It seems like it was a simpler time back when our biggest concern was which boy band's album to listen to on the way to school. Of course, like most things, everything wasn't rainbows and sunshine in the background of the singers' lives, and there was a brief moment of feuding between the two top artists. But luckily Justin Bieber & One Direction's feud was settled by Liam Payne, which he recently opened up about in an interview. 

The 26-year-old British singer and former One Direction member shared the story when he was interviewed by MirrorOnline. In case you don't remember the feud from four years ago, it occurred when the Biebs and One Direction had albums scheduled for release on the exact same day. "Purpose" by Bieber and "Made in the A.M." by One Direction were both released on November 13, 2015. Obviously, that created huge competition for music charts and listeners at a time when both artists were huge worldwide.

Check out the iconic music video for Bieber's "Purpose" below.

Bieber sparked even more of the feud when he took to Snapchat to post a video of him looking scared and said, "that face you make when you come out with an album on the same day as Justin Bieber". We already know that he absolutely loves to stir the pot and spark media attention.

Payne told MirrorOnline that he couldn't handle the feud any longer and took it into his own hands to go into Bieber's trailer one day and squash the drama. He told them that he, "went in to say to him: 'It's all good. You don't need to do whatever'." Payne also said, "we had a really long chat, and he's a really nice kid." 

So, all it took was one man to step up and end the rivalry, and we're not really surprised that it was sweetheart Liam Payne. 

"Made in the A.M." ended up being the last album One Direction produced together and at this point, we have no idea if the band will ever get back together. All five members have launched their own solo singing careers and are doing pretty well. 

Ironically, "Purpose" was also Bieber's last studio album but he recently teased new music on Instagram coming before Christmas... as long as the post gets 20 million likes. 

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