Tattoos are one of the coolest ways to express your creative side and tattoo lover Justin Bieber just added new ink to his evergrowing collection. He debuted the two-piece art on his Instagram earlier this week and it features a sparrow and the word "Forever" on the side of his neck. If you saw the photo already and got a feeling of familiarity, that might be because Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes' tattoos are nearly identical.

The two superstars already share their Canadian background in common, with 25-year-old Bieber from Stratford and 21-year-old Mendes from not too far away in Pickering, Ontario.

They also both got their rise to fame in their teenage years and escalated quicker than anyone expected.

Mendes is currently a worldwide phenomenon, and Bieber is still going strong with millions of dedicated and loyal fans who grew up alongside him.

Those who adore both musicians might have picked up on the fact that Bieber's brand new sparrow is pretty spot-on identical to a tattoo Mendes has on his hand. 

Bieber wrote that his tattoo was done by Doctor Woo, located in Los Angeles, and he posted a close-up photo of his neck to thank his artist and show off his new ink.

You can get a good look at Mendes' sparrow tattoo on his hand below.

Mendes has had his tattoo for quite a while and, according to PopSugar, it was "done by Livia Tsang, a Toronto-based tattoo artist whom Shawn is a repeat customer with."

He also has a guitar, lightbulb, butterfly, and elephant on his arms. 

Ironically, according to W Magazine, Mendes has a teeny tiny number on his finger that he got with Hailey Bieber, back before she and her hubby were a thing.  

Biebs has tattoos lining most of his upper body and often adds to his collection.

Both sparrow tattoos are facing in the same direction with outstretched wings and a head and tail peeking out. 

People in the comments weren't too impressed with his neck tattoo writing, "Shawn's hand looks like your neck," "Nice but I prefer tattoos on hands...", and even "Hey Justin, I support you in ALL but not this time!"

Others were also pointing out that, "This literally says 'swallow forever' on your neck."

There is a pretty strong resemblance, but neither Bieber or Mendes have commented on their matching tattoos.

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