There's never a wrong time for a good game of hockey. As the holidays are in full swing, Justin Bieber took advantage of his time off and met up with some players from the Toronto Maple Leafs to play some puck. The meet up between Justin Bieber and the Toronto Maple Leafs was shared onto the Biebs' Instagram account and Toronto's very own Drake caught feelings for missing the invite.

Any Bieber fan would know that Justin loves the Leafs and clearly, the Leafs love him too. Sadly, another Ontarian's invitation to hang out and play shinny may have been lost in the mail.

On December 26, Bieber was seen on Auston Matthews' Instagram story posing with Leafs players, sporting a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, fully equipped for a game.

Next, the singer posted a photo of himself and the boys on the ice. "Got out on the ice with all of my childhood hockey buddies oh and these 3 legends @marner_93  @austonmatthews and @tysonbarrie4," reads the caption.

Soon after the photo was posted, Drizzy commented on the picture.

"Wow this guy didn’t even invite me eh," comments Champagnepapi under the post.

The 6ix God even went onto his Instagram story and shared a hilarious photoshopped picture of him alongside Matthews, Bieber, and Marner, cropping out Barrie.

Drizzy definitely missed out on watching Beiber's skills on the ice. Apparently, the pop star didn't hold back and managed to impress those on the Toronto hockey team.

Mitch Marner said Bieber was actually better than he expected, according to the Toronto Star. Marner said he has good hands and a good shot.

As to how it all got organized, the pop star apparently invited the guys to Stratford on the 26th.

An exciting moment for all, the Canadian boy continued to prove how much of a Leafs fan he truly is.

Marner also told the Toronto Star that Justin Bieber had been chatting with the Leafs players a bit before telling them he was in town and would be hosting a mini hockey game.

The players were free and excited to hit the ice with the Biebs. Marner says they all jumped at the chance and the three of them decided to travel to Stratford.

Hopefully, this meet-up doesn't stir up any "curse" drama after the last time fans were blaming Justin and Hailey Bieber for costing the Leafs the game versus the Boston Bruins a few months ago.

The unofficial team seemed to have had a lot of fun but as for Drake — maybe next time?

Sorry, Drizzy.

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