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Justin Bieber Confirms Hailey Baldwin Is Not Pregnant During Ultimate April Fool's Prank

Justin Bieber confirms April Fool's prank and denies that Hailey Baldwin is pregnant with baby.

It's the first of April which means pranks are occurring left and right. So we're not entirely surprised that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin decided to drop the bomb that they're pregnant today on April Fool's day. It turns out that the slew of photos were all apart of an elaborate prank to fool all of his followers into thinking he was pregnant with Hailey Baldwin.

Bieber shocked fans and fellow celebs when he posted an image of a sonogram on his Instagram only an hour ago. The photo showed a seemingly 14-week-old baby displayed in a perfect photo of the sonogram. Was it too perfect to be true? It seems so.

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After Bieber posted the picture, fans quickly began commenting under the image claiming that this had to be apart of some April Fool's prank. The sonogram looked way too perfect to be real and let's be honest, Bieber has always been known to be a prankster. 

Baldwin even responded on the image on Instagram by saying, "very funny..." It's clear at this point that the entire Instagram post was a joke. But as people decided that the photo was a prank, Bieber posted three new images that showed Hailey Baldwin getting a sonogram! 

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The caption read, "If U thought it was April fools". Now, fans were confused more than ever. So, this wasn't a joke anymore, Bieber? Many online detectives began ripping apart the image for any chance that it could be fake. In the photos, you can see that Hailey is laying on a doctor's table with her hands on top of her belly. If you asked me, this looks legit! 

In just over 60 minutes, the photos of Hailey in the doctor's office received almost 2.5 million likes. It was clear that fans believed that the Hollywood couple was actually pregnant.

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It wasn't until just minutes ago, that Bieber finally confirmed that the entire thing was an April Fool's prank. Yep, he got us good.

After leaving fans in limbo with his second and even more confusing post, he finally revealed in a third Instagram post that the entire thing was a sham. He uploaded a second sonogram image, but this one had an adorable puppy in the middle. The caption stated, "Wait omg is that a,,,, APRIL FOOLS". 

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Earlier this morning, Justin Bieber made news when he liked a photo of himself and Selena together on Instagram. Only a week ago, Bieber went on a full-fledged rant telling fans not to bring up Selena anymore since he's happy with his new wife, Hailey Baldwin. So, after liking a photo of them together publicly on the social media platform, fans were definitely confused. 

One thing is definitely for sure, Bieber and Baldwin are not pregnant. It looks like Bieber pulled the ultimate April Fools prank by making all of his fans believe that he may have been pregnant with a baby. Looks like the only baby the Biebers have is an adorable baby pup.