Justin Bieber Faces Potential Lawsuit After Hitting A Photographer

Justin Bieber Faces Potential Lawsuit After Hitting A Photographer
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Poor JB can't seem to catch a break. When it was announced earlier this week that he'd be cancelling the rest of his Purpose tour , we all shed both happy and sad tears. After two years of touring, Biebs was finally going to get a break to "ride bikes and stuff" - bless his heart.

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There were also mumurs of JB starting his own church , after his a Bieber insider spilled that Justin was taking time off to connect with his faith and perhaps start up a parish of his own. While Bieber quickly denied rumours of being the next big Hollywood religion (which is a shame because Bieberism has such a nice ring to it) he wasn't shy about stating how important his Christian faith is to him.

Last night, while at a Saban Theater for a City Church event in Beverly Hills, Bieber was pulling out of a parking lot when a photographer headed behind his truck. In pulling out of the spot, Bieber struck the 57-year old photographer, leaving him injured.

Bieber jumped out of the car, crouched over, and went to the photographer's aid as bystanders called for help. Bieber remained calm and fully co-operative when talking to police and emergency personnel.

The photographer's injuries are all minor, however it remains unclear as to whether or not he will press chargers against the megastar. With a few odd billion dollars to his name, we wouldn't be surprised if the victim chose to squeeze a couple out of Bieber.

It was truly an accident but who knows what the court/photographer will decide when it comes to pressing charges and lawsuits.

BREAKING: Witnesses say Justin Bieber hit a photographer in Beverly Hills on Wednesday evening. Police say it appears to be an accident. pic.twitter.com/tTqgKmAkGb

July 27, 2017

Take a look at the video here, do you think that JB deserves to go to court?

Source: Us Weekly

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