Justin Bieber Has Been Spotted Multiple Times Getting Close With A Girl That Definitely Isn't Selena

Well, we can all agree as a society that we probably saw this one coming. While Justin and Selena seemed closer than ever when they were spotted at Justin's step dad's destination wedding, it seems that the relationship has seriously cooled off. While Selena has been sunning in Australia, it seems Bieber has been hanging out with a new girl who many fans think is his newest fling. 

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Keep in mind that the pair are on a reported "break" but both believe they will be getting back together. Citing numerous conflicts as the reason for their brief time apart from each other, though it might not be as brief as planned once Selena sees this. 

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It's been claimed that Bieber had visited a club with this unknown woman pictured below where sources say that Bieber had his arm around her while she danced on him during the show they were watching. They ended up returning back to Justin's house after the night out. 

This isn't the first time the pair have been spotted together. In fact, the mysterious blonde was hanging out with Justin earlier this week together in a car after leaving a party in LA. 

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While there's no word on how Selena's taking it, we're sure this probably is going to end well for Bieber. Until then we can only wait and see how this all pans out!