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Justin Bieber Is Officially Becoming An American Citizen

The Ontario born superstar is becoming an American after living in the USA for over 10 years.
Justin Bieber Is Officially Becoming An American Citizen

The tension between Canada and the USA may be growing but for Canadian musician and mega superstar Justin Bieber that doesn't seem to be a problem. 

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In fact, TMZ has reported that Bieber is actually planning to officially become an American citizen after living in America for over 10 years. The "What Do You Mean" singer first moved to Atlanta when he was only 13 from his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. 

While the Biebs has lived in America for over ten years, the singer still has always maintained a sense of pride about being Canadian. He's regularly seen back visiting his family and friends in Stratford and is often sporting a jersey for Toronto's NHL team. 

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He's already started the paperwork. The whole process includes a $700 cost, background check, and an interview regarding American history. He'll also have to appear in an oath ceremony to pledge allegiance to America. 

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Realistically, the whole thing makes sense since Bieber is in the USA more than he is in Canada, plus his fiancee Hailey Baldwin is also an American. Still, the singer is only applying for a dual-citizenship and not renouncing his Canadian background. 

Bieber did just buy a giant mansion in Canada though, so some were speculating that the singer and his model wife-to-be would possibly move up North after the nuptials. 

Whatever their plans are, Bieber is on the road to becoming a US citizen. No matter what, Canada will always have bragging rights to being the birthplace of Justin Bieber. 


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