It's no secret that Stratford, Ontario is home to mega-star, Justin Bieber. So, it's only natural that the city made a museum exhibit on him, right? The Stratford Perth Museum created an exhibit dedicated to Bieber.

The exhibit is chalk-full of Bieber memorabilia, it even has a cardboard cutout of the musician. The museum premiered the Bieber display a few months back and his mom, Pattie even made an appearance.  

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Bieber's grandparents, who still live in the area, visited the museum everyday leading up to the premiere of the exhibit! So last Friday, when the manager of the museum received a text from them, he wasn't that surprised.

The text read, "We're just having breakfast. Can we drop by?" to which the manager responded, "Sure". But to his surprise, they had a guest with them.

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The scruffy superstar was standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting to visit his exhibit with his grandparents. According to the manager, "He couldn't have been nicer. He couldn't have been more humble, he couldn't have been more appreciative." 

According to the manager, he kept talking about how fantastic it was and how he appreciated them for doing it. He even said they did a great job on it! 

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Bieber even took photos with the staff and signed a t-shirt that they plan to frame for the museum. He also scrawled "Justin was here" across the top of a blackboard.

It was a trip down memory lane, he was thrilled to see his old drum set that he received as a child and his old hockey bag. During the visit, he said that "Looking at this stuff gives me goosebumps. I never thought there would be a museum exhibit about me."

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So there you have it! The Justin Bieber exhibit has the Justin Bieber seal of approval! 

Source: Ottawa Citizen