“Justin Bieber: Seasons” Is Breaking Records As YouTube’s Most Watched Original

Bieber is dropping his new album on February 14.
"Justin Bieber: Seasons"

It’s been a few days since Justin Bieber: Seasons premiered, but the online show is already taking names and breaking records. An email sent to Narcity by Proof revealed that the first episode of the docu-series is the most viewed premiere of any YouTube Original in its first week of streaming.

A week after it was uploaded on January 27, the first episode of Seasons hit 32.65 million views according to Variety. The previous record holders were Liza On Demand’s season two debut with 25.4 million views and the first-ever episode of Cobra Kai, which hit 21 million views in its first week.

Variety also reported that Bieber’s docu-series cost YouTube $20 million, making it the most expensive content acquisition the platform has made to date.

If you have yet to check out Seasons, each episode takes fans of the Canadian icon on a journey through Bieber’s life at home, his time in the studio, and what the process of creating his upcoming album has been like.

In the first episode, the 25-year old took his wife, Hailey Bieber, back to his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. The Bieber's explored the town, making stops at the star honouring his legacy, as well as the apartment building that he grew up in.

According to the email from Proof, the “Yummy” singer set another record as the first artist to reach 50 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making him the biggest artist in the app’s history.

“Started as #kidrauhl and now this. Thank you,” he tweeted this morning to acknowledge the major career milestone.

While fans enjoy the insider look at the pop star’s life, the “Baby” singer is gearing up to head out on tour later this year. He’ll be making four stops in his home country—Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Be sure to mark your calendar for February 14, as that’s when the Biebs will be dropping his highly anticipated new album, Changes.