The worldwide superstar is coming back after a four-year hiatus, bringing a variety of new content for his fans. His last album "Purpose" came in 2015 followed by the 2016 "Purpose World Tour". The new decade brings fresh content that’s coming soon and Justin Bieber’s album preview speech reportedly had him break down in tears when reflecting on his past challenges.

According to Variety, the 25-year-old had a playback of his new album in Los Angeles yesterday. When speaking to a group of about 200 people, the singer “got emotional and started crying recalling the immense depression he suffered as he entered adulthood."

Variety reported that Bieber thanked his agent Scooter Braun, who discovered the musician at just 13 years old on YouTube. Speaking to Braun he said, "You walked with me through a lot of sh-t."

It’s been 13 years since the Stratford-born star entered the music industry so he’s spent most of his teenage and adult life growing up in the spotlight. Variety wrote that Bieber recalled “being ‘hurt by the industry’ and ‘the people’ who work in it.”

Billboard also reported on the speech, which included him saying, "I don’t even think I should be alive ... I feel like God’s brought me out of a really dark place."

Once the tears dried up, Variety noted that “Things lightened up as the music got going, with Bieber messing around with a hockey stick as people listened attentively to the album.” The Canadian star isn’t shy about sharing his love for hockey including his hometown team.

Billboard revealed that there’s no official release date for the album, and the name hasn’t been shared yet either. His first single from it called “Yummy” premiered on January 3.

The new album brings a 2020 tour that was announced back in December. The tour will span from May to September and bring him across North America. His Canadian venues include Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto and Montreal.

The remainder of his last world tour was cancelled in July 2017 when TMZ reported that he was just in need of “getting some relaxation” and rest.

One of Bieber’s latest challenges is his battle with Lyme disease, which he spoke out about earlier this month.

Sources for TMZ reported that the topic will be discussed in the upcoming documentary Seasons that drops on January 27.