Justin Bieber's head of security, Michael Arana, was arrested early this morning after injuring 2 police officers in a car accident in West Kendall, Florida. Arana was charged with multiple counts, including fleeing the scene and driving while under the influence, according to Miami police. 

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Miami-Dade Police Department disclosed that, “Thankfully, both of our officers involved in the crash earlier this morning have been discharged from the hospital and continue to recover at home." This isn't the first time Arana has been charged for drinking-related crimes. He was arrested both in 2007 and 2013 for disorderly conduct, but was then quickly released. 

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Details about Arana's release have not yet been shared with the public. Considering this is a more serious charge, it's unsure as to whether or not the bodyguard will serve time. 

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Bieber himself was once arrested for a DUI in 2014, but has since turned a revitalized leaf. The singer was seen last night at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles with girlfriend, Selena Gomez. I doubt he'll be happy to hear about this incident but, to be continued...

Source: Us Weekly