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Justin Bieber Showed Off His Canadian Accent To Ellen DeGeneres & It Was Spot On

She wanted him to say something sexy.
Justin Bieber Showed Off His Canadian Accent To Ellen DeGeneres & It Was Spot On

Canada, eh? Ellen DeGeneres surprised her studio audience during her March 2 episode with Justin Bieber. Although his appearance was quick, the talk-show host got the celeb to reveal some deep information, including his ability to talk in an impressive Canadian accent.

Bieber made the trip to Warner Brother Studios earlier this week to join Ellen for a segment she calls “Burning Questions.”

The game requires celebs to sit in the hot seat and answer questions as quickly as possible. They then have to lock in their answer by pressing a large red button.

In the five-minute clip of the game, DeGeneres got the A-lister to share things like what nicknames he and wife Hailey have for one another and even what his favourite body part is.

However, she also made sure to add a little Canadian spice to the mix.

One of the comedian’s final requests was for Bieber to “say something sexy in a Canadian accent.”

While it took him some time to think, the Biebs finally came up with potentially the most Canadian sentence ever spoken, “We're going to go out there and go for a rip with the boys there bud, eh?"

He also made sure he added the stereotypical Canuck accent to his slang.

If you aren’t familiar with the intense Canadian lingo, the sentence basically translates into the 26-year-old wanting to go out and have a good time with friends.

DeGeneres sarcastically played along responding with, “sexy...we’re all turned on.”

There also happened to be an audience member decked out in a Team Canada hockey jersey, who looked to be taking the joke in good stride. He laughed as the camera panned over him.

You can watch the full clip here

This is the Canadian artist’s second time appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this year. He visited back in January when he revealed a Valentine’s Day release date for his album Changes.

Along with the album, the “Yummy” singer is also set to embark on a North American tour starting on May 14 in Seattle.

He’s even been spending time channelling his Canadian roots when it comes to prepping for his shows.

You can catch Justin Bieber in Canada when he visits for his shows in Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Montreal later this year.

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