Posting gifts from significant others on social media can be a risky game to play, especially when you're Justin and Hailey Bieber. People can get really judgy about celebs personal lives. What was supposed to be a sweet showing of affection from Justin Bieber has turned into an internet controversy that now involves Cardi B. Justin Bieber's homemade gift to Hailey Bieber is getting hate.

Earlier this week Justin posted a photo of Hailey with the caption, "I made her necklace." The necklace he's talking about is made out of yellow and brown beads and attached to it is a charm that says "wifey." 

While to most people this is potentially the cutest thing this celeb couple has ever done, okay maybe second to getting married, Cardi B fans have to disagree. The rap star also received something from her hubby this week, and it isn't a homemade beaded necklace. 

For Cardi B's birthday Offset got her a ginormous 100 Carat diamond ring. It was served on a platter and everything. 

While both Instagram posts had their respective complimentary comments there were a few people who thought Justin Bieber should've stepped up his game a little. 

An Instagram user started off the hate by saying his necklace looked like it was "made by a child." The hate continued onto other social media platforms like Twitter.

Someone wrote, "This guys worth a good $300M & his go too for jewelry is #Michaels craft store. Ok, good to know." 

Another Twitter user even joked about some of Justin Bieber's potential upcoming gifts, "Wow! I wonder what he's going to get her for their anniversary, a tracing of his hand-decorated like a turkey?" 

Buzzfeed also got in on the fun and wrote an article about how hilariously different the two celeb gifts are. But at the bottom of that article fans got to decide what gift they would prefer and only 14% said they'd rather receive a gift like Cardi's. 

People on Twitter also called that poll out saying, "I saw a poll that asked if you'd rather be gifted a gift like Cardi B's ring or Hailey Bieber's handmade necklace and 74% of people went for the homemade gift..... ya'll are either f*cking dumb or f*cking lying cause bitch." 

I think we can all agree that presents are definitely based on preference, and what's important is that both celeb ladies are equally enjoying their gifts. Besides, Hailey's birthday isn't until next month, who knows what he has planned for her gift. If how beautiful their wedding was is any indication, we're in for a treat!  

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