At times of crisis, some of us look to Justin, the leader of the country, for guidance — and no, we're not talking about Trudeau. Justin Bieber's Instagram Live today was basically an impromptu talk show all about coronavirus. He featured his fans and even Scooter Braun to spread a little bit of information and joy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday, March 16, Bieber went live on Instagram Stories to talk to his millions of followers. Social distancing is the word of the day as new measures announced by the Candian Government asked people to stay at home if possible.

“I’m just reaching out to different people so they can share their opinions and we can hear what’s going on in the world right now,” he said. 

He talked to fans and even brought Scooter Braun on his Instagram Live story to talk.

"What insight can you tell people about what's going on right now and what they can do to protect themselves?" Justin asked Scooter. 

"The majority of people that follow you are in an age range where the chance of this virus killing them is small," said Scooter, but they have people they love and they could be carrying the virus and putting their family at risk.

Scooter asked people to take those they love into consideration, "like you, who has Lyme disease" he said to Justin and consider taking social distancing measures.

"Wise words from Scooter Braun," said Justin after their talk. He also encouraged people to "stay home and party" alone instead of leaving their houses or getting together with others.

Justin also brought his fans onto his live Instagram story to meet a bit and talk about the pandemic.

“Are you washing your hands? You gotta stay clean with the coronavirus,” Justin asked his fans, most of whom were so excited to be in his story that they struggled to answer his questions.

He wrapped up his mini talk show with a sign-off, saying "stay quarantined, you guys stay safe.”