Scooter Braun has been by Justin Bieber's side since the star was whisked to fame from his hometown of Stratford, Ontario when he was only 13. Braun is Justin's manager, and also manages other mega-famous singers like Ariana Grande. 

Braun has made it clear that he will always stand by his stars, especially in their dark times. But, he recently revealed some really scary details about Justin Bieber's past substance abuse problems. 

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While speaking on The Red Pill Podcast, Braun said that a few years ago he lived in fear that Justin Bieber would die in his sleep from all the drugs in his system. He also went on to say that a lot of the negative things in Justin's life in 2014 were caused by his substance abuse problems. 

That year, Justin had been arrested and got a DUI for street racing a Lamborghini. Not long before that, police raided his home believing that he was responsible for causing $20,000 in damage to his neighbour's house. 

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Braun says he spent at least a year and a half trying to help Justin, but all the star wanted to do was make music and go back on tour. The manager wouldn't let him tour, which put a strain on their relationship. Justin would scream at him and fight back against any help, Braun reveals.

But, Braun says one day Justin made the choice for himself to get clean. Thanks to the choice that Justin made, he transformed himself into the man, musician, and fiancee, that he is today. 

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Justin Bieber is now clean and back to making great music and touring the world. The star still working closely with his manager Scooter Braun.

Source: eonline