The Canadian musician started his year off with a bang when he released a brand a new tune ahead of an album that's been teased for over a year. With it came a matching music video that's bizarre at first and then pretty catchy which is often his style. Now, Justin Bieber's new song "Yummy" is being promoted with photos of babies and fans are pretty confused. 

The official video premiered on January 4 and already racked up over 20 million views. 

Though it's been four years since his last album, the 25-year-old seems to still have a strong and loyal following that has been with him since the beginning. 

People immediately assumed the lyrics of the single are about his new wife, Hailey Bieber, who he officially tied the knot with in September 2019.

However, her name isn't mentioned at all and the infamous chorus mostly just repeats the word "yummy" over and over again. 

Bieber promoted the single on his social media accounts following its release, as most artists normally do. Then yesterday, he took to Instagram to post over a dozen photos of various babies using #yummy as the caption.

Nobody was quite sure who the infants are, as it doesn't seem that he personally knows them and took the photos.

On Twitter, people have a lot of questions and are not too happy that the singer is pairing photos of babies with a song that has suggestively sexual lyrics.

One of the most popular tweets that gathered 2.4K likes and dozens of comments says, "Justin Bieber is currently posting pictures of random babies with the caption #yummy The man is a f*ckin creep".

In the replies, users responded things like, "this is not it!!! idc if he's promoting his flop single. it's creepy. it's disgusting. someone check on him" and "I don’t understand the correlation with babies and his song??"

Others think he's hinting at a potential pregnancy with his wife and they're just gearing up to make the announcement. 

This person thinks he's just playing with rumours "to promote yummy."

Another Twitter user shared a full image of all the photos the "Yummy" singer shared on his Instagram page and had similarly disappointing words for him.

Luckily, quite a few people used the platform to do their own research and clear things up. They stated that parents were posting photos of their babies and tagging #yummy and @justinbieber so that he would see them and repost. 

A screenshot from one parent's account even showed them shouting out the musician for posting their baby boy's photo.

Whatever the reason, he's certainly getting people to pay attention to his new single.

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