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Justin Bieber's TikTok Just Dropped & It's A Total Throwback To "Baby Bieber"

TikTok is going to be full of Beliebers before we know it. On Thursday, January 2, Canadian mega pop star Justin Bieber's TikTok hit us by surprise as he joined up on the app. His first post was a retro-style video that took us all the way back to his baby Bieber phase.

The Biebs could be having some reservations about joining up because his post is captioned "Am I doing this right."

Short and sweet, his first-ever TikTok post is a morphing slideshow with a bit of music. He also added the hashtag "#morph" and the video does morph from photos of his childhood all the way up until the present day.

Plus, there have been a ton of Twitter users pointing out that they'll join the platform now that the Biebs is officially on there with a verified account.

Biebs is on the eve of releasing new music. He's been teasing a new album for almost a year, and his last studio album came out back in 2015.

He even has a 2020 tour planned and it'll come to at least four Canadian cities. 

Bieber is a prolific poster on Instagram, so we'll see how he takes to TikTok and how many posts we can expect.

The TikTok shows the pop star from his baby-faced days morphing through the years into the way he looks today at 25 years old.

Bieber teased his debut on the app in a tweet that said simply, "Tik tok?"

He also shared the video in his Instagram Stories.

In less than a day, more than 79,000 people were following his TikTok account. Right now, he doesn't appear to be following anyone.

Maybe his followers can look forward to more posts now that he's almost got the hang of it!

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