Change isn't always easy and though it's been a while since Tim Hortons first changed up the lids on their hot beverages, people still aren't happy about it. It turns out that this isn't just a problem facing the Canadian public, but celebrities are struggling too. Justin Bieber's Tim Horton's rant on Instagram is all about the lids and how much he misses the old design. 

It all started in an Instagram story, where the Canadian star posted a poll asking "who's Canadian and misses these lids at Tim Hortons like I do?" 

It's unclear what the final results of the poll were, but in a screenshot posted on the evening of December 27, 70% of respondents had agreed with Bieber about the lids. 

In sharing the results, the singer tagged Tim Hortons and said: "I know they could leak but it was easier to drink out of.. the [coffee] would come out better." 

He continued saying, "these new lids are uncomfortable on the mouth, and you get very little liquid each drink it's a damn outrage and needs to be changed back." 

He concluded the rant by suggesting that they make the lids recyclable and that he wants to change the world one lid at a time.

The post only had 500,000 likes, which is not a lot compared to his pictures, which usually get millions of reactions. But it also drew a lot of comments from passionate Canadians and Bieber actually continued his rant by sharing a number of them on his Instagram story. 

In one comment, one person said that "this is a cause that everyone can get behind." 

Another agreed with Bieber saying "I miss these lids every day damn."

Then among all the comments came one from the company itself. Tims responded to the Canadian celeb apologizing about the lids and maybe even offering him a job. 

"Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you aren’t loving our new lids, but the good news is that they’re made with 100% recyclable plastic," Tim Hortons said in an Instagram comment. "We’d love to have you join our team that’s working to make them even better!" 

Justin isn't alone in his complaints about the cups. Shortly after the lids with the raised lip and maple leaf design were first introduced at the end of 2018, Canadians took to social media, unsure about whether they liked the new cup covers. 

Even through to August 2019, a number of tweets were still coming in about how much people hated the new design. 

Luckily for those people, Tim Hortons says they are working to make them better. Thanks, Justin Bieber! 

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