Justin Timberlake Apologized To Jessica On Instagram Last Night But Fans Are Not Buying It

The backlash was just too much.
Justin Timberlake Apologizes To Jessica On Instagram After All The Internet Backlash

For a moment in time, it seemed as if the world stopped when a couple of questionable photos of Hollywood's leading husband, Justin Timberlake, leaked just last month. The photos showed JT being very friendly with his co-star, Alisha Wainwright on a New Orleans balcony during a night out, leaving everyone on this planet to wonder if Jessica Biel was out the picture and Alisha was moving in. Justin Timberlake has now issued a public apology to his wife on Instagram for the whole world to see.

JT is famous for staying as low-key as possible when it comes to drama, and he's seemingly been in one of the most solid marriages between celebrities. So the backlash must have been bad for him to make his apology this public.

While seemingly taking responsibility for his actions, he referred to what went down on the balcony as nothing more than a "strong lapse in judgment" on his Instagram last night (Dec. 4).

Prior to the public apology, a source close to JT already insisted that there was nothing shady going on during the night out in question. 

"The whole cast is shooting out there and likes to hang out together. They were very much in public and nothing inappropriate was happening,” the source told Us Weekly. They even went so far as to say they're like "brother and sister." 

Alisha hasn't made any public comment about the incident and has been MIA from social media since the photos dropped. Jessica Biel has been just as tight-lipped too. 

With the heat from this incident, we doubt we'll catch the Alisha or JT in the same space together unless they're sharing a makeup trailer. 

The Internet is weighing in and some fans are not buying the apology at all.

One fan saying the apology is fake and that "he had the balls to plug his movie at the end." Yikes.

Another person says using the "drank too much" line is the "lamest excuse" and asked "Are you gunna let Jessica blast Cry Me A River' on repeat until she's over it?"

One fan went ahead and did the work for all of us and added the emotional song to semi-funny (but not funny) tweet.

Hopefully this doesn't tarnish his rep too much, but we'll keep watching. Filming of their upcoming feature, Palmer, is still underway. Keep your eyes peeled for any JT sightings around the Big Easy.

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