Justin Trudeau And Barack Obama Have Rekindled Their Bromance And Canadians Can't Get Enough

The two were spotted at one of Ottawa's local breweries.
Ontario Editor
Justin Trudeau And Barack Obama Have Rekindled Their Bromance And Canadians Can't Get Enough

What's a better way to spend the weekend than at one of your favourite pubs with an old friend? On Friday night, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama did just that. Meeting up in Ottawa's Big Rig Brewery, the couple caught up over some pints, and yes, there are pictures. 

Trudeau took to Twitter on Saturday to showcase the occasion, captioning a photo of the two men sitting across from each other at a wooden table, drinks, and food in front of them "Always great to catch up." 

While neither the Prime Minister or the former US President have stated what the meet up was for or what exactly they chatted about, it showcases that the bromance between the two leaders is still very much alive. 

The two met at a local Ottawa brewery called Big Rig Brewery, which is a casual dining restaurant that offers a variety of comfort food, and of course, craft beer. Huffington Postconfirmed that both men were enjoying the craft beer. Trudeau was sipping on the brewery's Alpha Bomb IPA, while Obama was embracing his stay by ordering the Canadian Amber. 

It wasn't just Justin Trudeau who posted a photo of the occasion. Big Rig Brewery took to their Instagram account to post their own photos, as well as Trudeau's own personal photographer. 

The two of them even posed for a photo with the staff during their dinner date. Yes, my heart is melting too. 

Of course, when Canadians caught wind of the meetup, many couldn't get enough to it. Multiple users took to Twitter to express the admiration they had towards the two finally getting back together. 

Last year, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama also had a similar encounter in Montreal's Liverpool House where the two of them enjoyed a meal while Obama was in the city to discuss the internet and the spread of misinformation. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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