Photos Of Jason Kenney & Justin Trudeau Show They Couldn't Be More Different

If you are keeping a leg up on politics, then you have most definitely heard the names Justin Trudeau and Jason Kenney. And while the two seem to go hand-in-hand with political conversations, especially as of late, they could not be more opposite and different in every way. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that Canada’s Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau. This Ottawa-born leader of the Liberal Party is the second-youngest Canadian Prime Minister; followed by Joe Clark. In 2015, Trudeau took his party to victory during the 2015 federal election. 

Jason Kenney is also a politician, but of different sorts. Kenney previously served as Minister for Multiculturalism for eight years in Prime Minister Harper’s government. 

In 2017, Kenney was elected as Leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party “with a mandate to reunite the province’s divided free enterprise political movement.” In 2019, he won the popular vote in his campaign focused on economic growth for Alberta and was sworn in as Alberta’s 18th Premier. 

In their political standpoints and ideologies, the two couldn’t be more opposite. Kenney comes from a conservative background, whereas Trudeau is notoriously more liberal. 

In terms of political standpoints, one of the biggest differences between the two is their stance on climate change. With Trudeau making public and specific commitments to address climate change, Kenney has a different agenda. 

Kenney has publicly called bills like Bill C-69 the “no more pipelines bill.” He has attacked liberal voters over the federally imposed carbon tax; even vowing to legally challenge it. 

However, that’s not all the differences. How they handle themselves in the political arenas is also very different. Trudeau can be thought of as a people pleaser; often saying what everyone wants to hear. 

Kenney, on the other hand, says what is on his mind regardless of whether it is what people want to hear. He has even publically addressed his beef with Trudeau, once calling him "an empty trust-fund millionaire who has the political depth of a finger-bowl.”

Clearly, one is a little more outspoken than the other. 

Even their Instagram pages are totally different! While Trudeau clearly has a photographer, his Instagram posts are often him shaking hands of the people he is meeting with. Seriously. A large majority of his posts are just him shaking hands with people. 

All posts are then typically accompanied by a lengthy post as to the significance of the meeting and then posted one more time in French. 

Kenney’s Instagram is a little more to the point. While Kenney does his fair share of hand-shaking, he is often posting videos of himself talking about issues. When he’s not talking about issues, he’s often posting quotes about it. 

By looking at Kenney’s Instagram, you know exactly what he is thinking and exactly what his stance is on certain topics. Trudeau is a little more, let's say, liberal about his posts.

It looks like one of the major things that they do have in common right now is that they both have their fair share of fans and haters.