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Justin Trudeau G7 Summit

Apparently the First Lady of the United States just can't get enough of Canada's Prime Minister. Melania Trump was once again captured in a photo just straight up digging on Justin Trudeau, this time at the 2019 G7 summit, all while Trump stands idly in the background.

The photo captures the moment when Melania Trump leans in for a friendly cheek kiss from the Prime Minister, but there's just something else going on here, and plenty of people have recognized it. This comes a day after Justin Trudeau was once again accused of staging a morning jog.

A number of people have tweeted about the photo, really laying it on thick with the insinuations that Melania is definitely crushing on the Prime Minister, and right in front of her husband no less!

Of course, plenty of other people thought about how Donald Trump would react to all of this. Would he fire off a tweetstorm? Would he plan an airstrike against Canada? Would he just say the photo is "fake news?" Only one of these ended up being true, and if you're familiar with Trump, then you know it was definitely the tweetstorm.

This isn't even the first time that Melania has shown an obvious affinity for Justin Trudeau. When the two met previously in 2017, she embraced him with a wide smile and open arms (plus a couple more of those cheek kisses).

Melania isn't the only Trump who has given Trudeau this kind of attention. Ivanka also got caught giving the Prime Minister a few longing looks.

However, as one Twitter user pointed out, Justin Trudeau may get a lot of attention from the Trump women, but he only has eyes for Sophie.

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