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Justin Trudeau Took A Morning Run In France & People Think It Was Fake (VIDEO)

Trudeau's critics just got another chance to blast the PM at G7.
Justin Trudeau G7 Summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Biarritz, France for the G7 summit, where he has spent time talking trade agreements with President Donald Trump and the ongoing crisis of the fires in the Amazon Rain Forest. However, Justin Trudeau's G7 Summit trip has also seen the Prime Minister taking an opportunity to go for an early morning jog.

In a video posted by Nine Network's European correspondent, Amelia Adams, Trudeau can be seen running in a gray tank top and black shorts, complete with hat, sunglasses, and headphones. He even takes a moment to give Adams and the camera a nod.

It seems like a friendly, candid moment, and Adams is clearly beaming at the opportunity to greet the world leader. However, as with anything the Prime Minister does on the world stage, there are people ready to criticize him. In this instance, several Twitter users seem to think the video was fake, and nothing more than a photo-op for Trudeau.

"Totally staged. Pathetic," said one user. "A staged run for the cameras," said another. There were plenty more where that came from, criticizing Trudeau as being entirely phony in his commitment to running where there are cameras. 

Trudeau has weathered this exact criticism previously, with critics insisting that his jogs were nothing more than pre-planned media opportunities to appear in photos with supporters (and high school kids before their prom).

Aside from this, it's been a tough summit for Trudeau. He's already faced backlash from Canadians for his response to the fires in the Amazon, with people telling him that he has ignored similar fires in Canada already. 

He also faced criticism for his comments about working toward protecting the environment. This was due to the fact that out of all the G7 countries, Canada has one of the worst climate change plans. Basically, the Prime Minister is fighting an uphill battle to try and convince Canadians, and the rest of the world, that he can handle these issues.

Of course, among the replies, there were also plenty of Twitter users who complimented Trudeau. Others drew attention to the giant smile on Adams's face as Trudeau jogged by. "Ok she is kinda crushing on him, no?" said one user.

One of the more common responses, as well, was the comparison of Trudeau to Trump. There were plenty of Twitter users who couldn't even imagine the President working out in any capacity, let alone going for a morning jog. They took the opportunity to point out the President's well-known fast food habits and general lack of physical activity.

Meanwhile, one other user thought he could see something suspicious in the bushes behind Trudeau as he jogged past.

Considering that the leader of the opposition party seems to be a little bit obsessed with Justin Trudeau these days, this isn't actually that hard to believe. 

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