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Justin Trudeau Calls Out Alberta’s Meat Plant COVID-19 Outbreak & Says We Must Do Better

The prime minister has something to say about Alberta's biggest COVID-19 outbreak. On Thursday, May 7, Justin Trudeau was asked about the reopening of the Cargill meat plant, which has now become the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. Trudeau responded by saying that we need to do a better job of protecting our workers. 

A member of the media called into Trudeau's press conference on Thursday and inquired about the Cargill meat plant facility in High River, Alberta. 

Cargill, which is a main supplier of McDonald's Canada, has confirmed 946 COVID-19 cases among their workers as of May 6, as per the official Government of Alberta stats.

Additionally, CBC News reported that a total of 1,560 cases have now been linked to the worksite. 

Trudeau was told by the member of the media that since the plant has now reopened, many workers are feeling concerned about going back to work. 

He was asked at what point does the federal government jump in to ensure the safety of workers at Cargill and other meatpacking facilities. 

Trudeau replied that there are various points of vulnerability, both in terms of our supply chain as well as the workers in essential jobs. 

"There are always things to learn, always things we need to do better," he said. 

He mentioned that workers in these jobs keep Canadians fed and also allow our economy to run. 

He added that there are going to be many reflections about the situation in the coming weeks and months on how we make sure the country is fair and supportive of everyone. 

The reporter reminded the Prime minister that we're talking about the largest outbreak in North America and Trudeau nodded in agreement. 

Trudeau was asked whether Alberta has done enough to keep the workers safe at Cargill. 

He answered that he will be talking with the premiers tonight to offer more ways in which the federal government can help. 

According to Trudeau, the federal government will support the provinces as they step up and do things "differently." 

Trudeau has promised that Ottawa is also going to be working with the provinces to ensure that there are healthy and continued food supply chains

But he also wants to provide "proper support" to people who work in these processing plants and agriculture. 

The prime minister cited the recently-announced wage raise as one of the ways these workers are going to get more support on a federal level. 

Narcity has reached out to Cargill and we will update this article when we receive a response.