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A Dragon's Den Star Just Made Fun Of Trudeau For Canoeing Wrong But It Backfired

Don't test Canadians when it comes to canoes!
A Dragon's Den Star Just Made Fun Of Trudeau For Canoeing Wrong But It Backfired

After a tough political week last week, Justin Trudeau took things back-to-basics on Thursday, by taking a short break from his campaign stop in Sudbury to indulge in a spot of canoeing. While Trudeau definitely seemed to enjoy his short trip on the lake, one Dragon’s Den star was quick to criticize the Prime Minister’s technique, suggesting Trudeau was paddling backwards. However, canoe-lovin’ Canadians were quick to get involved in the debate, arguing that Trudeau was actually paddling perfectly!

On Friday afternoon, W. Brett Wilson, who was a panelist on season three of Dragon’s Den, took to Twitter to criticize the way the Prime Minister was canoeing, noting that Trudeau seemed to be paddling backwards.

Perhaps under-estimating Canadians’ passion for canoes, Wilson added the caption, “He is paddling the damn canoe backwards. Just like he is doing to Canada…”

However, Canadians were quick to respond to Wilson’s tweet, letting the businessman know that the Prime Minister was, in fact, paddling completely correctly.

One Twitter user explained, “I'm no Liberal but I am a canoeist, and when you solo paddle a 2-seat canoe you position it "backwards" so that you're a little closer to the centre when sitting on or leaning against the "front" seat. He's doing it correctly.”

One canoe-loving Canadian added, “Umm ... no. He's paddling solo, and it is the *correct* way to do it.”

Another simply said, “If you ever paddled a canoe solo you would know this is actually how you are supposed to paddle with one person in the canoe.”

Several hours after posting the original tweet, Wilson acknowledged the many responses to his canoe-comment. In an additional tweet, he wrote, “And I am very aware it’s better to paddle this way solo - but the meme was too perfect to pass up.”

Not missing out on the hilarious opportunity to make a joke, one witty Canadian responded, “Now who’s back-paddling?[sic]”

Another joked, “Apparently you’re up the creek without a paddle on this one Brett.”

Shortly after taking to the lake in Sudbury, Justin Trudeau promised to launch a new program aimed at encouraging more youth and families to enjoy the outdoors.

He also announced that a re-elected Liberal government would strive to protect a quarter of Canada's natural land and ocean habitats by 2025.

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