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Canadians Are Hating On Justin Trudeau's Latest Tweet Which Denounces Hate And It's So Ironic

Since the SNC Lavalin Scandal, it seems that in some Canadian's eyes, Prime Minister Trudeau can do nothing right. Even today, Justin Trudeau denounces white supremacy in his latest tweet and still gets hate from Canadians over it. Ironically, even while denouncing hate, the Prime Minister is getting nothing but hate in return. 

The tweet was sharing a video from Chrystia Freeland, who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In the video, a conservative senator, Leo Housakos says that he finds it hard to believe that White Supremacy is actually a threat in any democratic society. In response, Freeland tells the senator that she believes that White Supremacy is actually a major and real threat. She says it is a grave concern, and we need to protect our people and society from it. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echos this message in his tweet saying that "white supremacy has no place in Canada. It’s time for all parties, including Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party, to stand together in denouncing hatred in all its forms." 

Despite him openly denouncing hate though, all Trudeau seems to get in return is hate from Canadians, which is ironic, given that he just denounced hatred in all of its forms. 

Here's what some Canadians had to say in response to the Prime Minister. 

Amid the responses are people calling on Trudeau to resign, saying that Trudeau is a white supremacist, and also stating that there are no white supremacists or any threat of that sort in Canada. 

Since first posting it at 11:30 AM EST today, Justin Trudeau's tweet has garnered over 750 replies, over 830 retweets, and more than 2000 likes.