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Justin Trudeau Had This To Say About Not Being Invited To The Royal Wedding

As you’ve probably heard by now the Prime Minister of Canada was unable to snag an invitation to the royal wedding, which is happening in less than a month now can you believe it!? 

As you can image the drama around who has and hasn't been invited, has been a huge topic of conversation for months. But if you think that the Justin Trudeau is in anyway bitter about the whole thing you wouldn’t know it based of what he has to say about not being invited.

The Prime Minister actually seems to be pretty okay with it, which is surprising because we’re all still here waiting for our invitation to go… it’s just lost in the mail right now it’ll turn up eventually… right? 

Trudeau was asked yesterday if he was in anyway disappointed about not being able to get on of the coveted invitations to the wedding.

His reply, “I, of course, wish them the very best.”

He went on to say that, “I have important responsibilities elsewhere,” which is obviously true seeing as, well, he’s the Prime Minister of Canada of course he has other stuff to worry about.  

Of course he may have just said that because he was at the Commonwealth summit in London England and apparently was schmoozing the hell out off of Prince Harry and the Queen.

Maybe he’s secretly as jealous of the rest of us but didn’t want to cause a scene.  

Via Wikimedia commons

But if those are his true feelings he’s keeping them to himself pretty well.

For all the details on the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle read more, here

Still waiting for the post office to find our invitation. 

Source:ET Canada

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