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Trudeau In Blackface Could End Up Being An Actual Halloween Costume This Year

The idea of a "Trudeau blackface" Halloween costume is getting people talking online.
Trudeau In Blackface Could End Up Being An Actual Halloween Costume This Year

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found himself in some pretty hot water when several old pictures of him wearing blackface resurfaced on the internet. After widespread global criticism and a lot of profuse apologizing from Trudeau, it seems nobody has forgotten the Prime Minister’s blackface scandal as Justin Trudeau in blackface could actually become a popular halloween costume.

Back in September, just as the federal election campaigning was getting into full swing, several photos and a video of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface emerged. While the images dated from as far back as the 1990s, the blackface “fancy dress” costumes Trudeau was wearing caused widespread condemnation, with many branding the Prime Minister as racist.

Fast-forward a month, and given that Canadians re-elected Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, you might think that he’d been somewhat forgiven for his blackface scandal. However, it seems that some people are not prepared to let Trudeau forget about his poor taste in costumes, by dressing up as him in blackface for Halloween.

Since the Trudeau blackface scandal emerged, there have been several Twitter users who have shared the idea of a Trudeau-blackface Halloween outfit, although it is not clear if it’s simply a joke or just a terrible idea for a costume.

One Twitter user asked, “[Am] I allowed to dress like Justin Trudeau for Halloween?"

Another shared a photo of a black cosmetic face mask, writing, “Sorted my Justin Trudeau costume for Halloween."

A third person asked, "I want to dress up as Justin Trudeau for Halloween, but will people be mad at me for the black face?"

However, even if the intention to be ironic, Canadians are taking to Twitter to warn others about the seriousness of blackface, whether you’re dressing in blackface generally, or dressing up as Justin Trudeau in blackface.  

One Twitter user explained, “It occurs to me that morons all over Canada are currently planning their 'topical' brown or blackface Halloween costume as I type this … Don't.”

Another added, “Just so you know, some other people might not appreciate the subtle political satire of your very topical ‘Blackface Justin Trudeau’ Halloween costume so I don’t recommend wearing it in public.”

This is the second time in two days that Trudeau’s blackface scandal has come back to haunt him on Twitter.

Yesterday, when Bed, Bath and Beyond announced the recall of their “blackface” pumpkins, several people took to social media to rename the offensive product “Trudeau pumpkins.”

If you were considering painting your face to create a “Justin Trudeau blackface” costume, just put this on your Halloween list of “bad ideas,” and maybe try something a bit less offensive.

Sexy Beyond Meat Burger Halloween costume, anyone?

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