Justin Trudeau Is Being Royally Snubbed In India Right Now And Here's Why

Justin Trudeau Is Being Royally Snubbed In India Right Now And Here's Why

While the Olympics have been going on our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had to cheer on our athletes from a different country as his family and himself have been in India since earlier this week. Though while our neighbours in the US love Trudeau and his family, it seems that our royal family's actions while visiting have rubbed Indian locals the wrong way.

It all started when Indian officials accused Trudeau and the Liberals of supporting Sikh separatists who were behind the Khalistani movement. Many believe it's the reason that officials of India are conveniently avoiding Trudeau during his stay. For one, India's Prime Minister, Narenda Modi wasn't there to greet the Trudeaus when they first arrived, instead, he sent India's junior Minister Of Agriculture.

His absence became even more obvious when the Trudeau's visit to the Taj Mahal was only welcomed by district officials. It looks like Justin won't be getting Modi's signature welcome hug anytime soon on this trip. Especially considering Trudeau hasn't even gotten a welcome tweet from Modi on Twitter.

Without a Hug from Modi, AR Rahman hopes Trudeau will enjoy Indian hospitality http://www.kashmirgazette.com/without-hug-modi-ar-rahman-hopes-trudeau-will-enjoy-indian-hospitality/ …

This wasn't the only aspect of criticism both locals and Canadians had for Trudeau's stay in India. His family's choice of clothing was also something many people were frustrated about. To many, it felt trivial and costume-y. Some claiming it was "too Indian even for an Indian."

Akshardham Temple in all its beauty. Sophie and I were honoured to visit.

Regardless of the controversy, it seems that the Trudeaus are keeping busy while abroad whether Modi is there to welcome them or not. Have fun in India Trudeau family and keep letting us in on all that the country has to offer via Twitter.