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Justin Trudeau Just Responded To The Amazon Rainforest Fire

However, he didn't get the reception you'd expect.
Justin Trudeau Just Responded To The Amazon Rainforest Fire

The Amazon Rainforest has faced a record number of forest fires this year garnering international attention on social media recently. With countless posts showing black smoke coating Sao Paulo, Brazil, and calls from celebrities to do something people were beginning to wonder why there wasn't an international response from the world's governments. Now, however, Justin Trudeau has spoken out about the Amazon Rainforest fires. 

On his Twitter on Thursday night, Prime Minister Trudeau stated: "We need to [Act For The Amazon] & act for our planet — our kids & grandkids are counting on us." This was actually in response to a statement from another international leader. France's President, Emmanuel Macron had also spoken out about the issue saying, "our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - the lungs which produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen - is on fire. It is an international crisis." 

Both leaders went on to say that the rainforest fires should be a key topic of discussion at the upcoming G7 summit, which is set to take place this weekend in France. President Marcon called on the leaders saying, "members of the G7 Summit, let's discuss this emergency first order in two days!"

Trudeau responded, saying " I couldn’t agree more, [Emmanuel Macron]. We did lots of work to protect the environment at the G7 last year in Charlevoix, & we need to continue this weekend." 

This statement comes after countless people from Canada and around the world had called on Trudeau, asking for Canadian resources and support to do something about the ongoing fires. 

Given the big ask for help from Trudeau many Canadians were happy with his commitment to "Act for the Amazon." This included celebrity Ryan Reynolds, who liked the tweet. 

However, there were also a number of people calling Trudeau out for the tweet. Many specifically questioned why he was focusing on an international forest fire when we have our own fires in Canada. 

While others chose to call out his mention of "our kids & grandkids" saying that his economic policies and current taxes in Canada will hurt them too. 

Regardless of Trudeau's politics, the fact that the world's leaders plan to address the ongoing fires in the Amazon should be welcome news to many. 

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