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Justin Trudeau Was Spotted Hiking Grouse Grind & Canadians Got Some Action Shot Selfies

It turns out the Prime Minister is in great shape!

It’s been a heavy couple of weeks for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau so why not relax with a nice hike? Justin Trudeau was hiking Grouse Grind today and we can't blame him for taking a break. Between the Ethics Commissioner’s report detailing his involvement in the SNC-Lavalin Scandal, and his own party members being accused of antisemitism, Trudeau has barely had time to catch his breath. It was hardly surprising that when he arrived in Vancouver earlier this week, he headed straight for the great outdoors, even stopping to take a few selfies with his fellow hikers.

Justin Trudeau has been spending time in Canada’s west coast this week, as part of his re-election campaign trail. While the focus of his trip was to meet with the mayor of Vancouver, and discuss B.C.’s funding with Premier John Horgan, Trudeau took some time out on Friday to enjoy nature, hiking up Vancouver’s Grouse Grind trail, and smiling for selfies on the way.

Naturally, photos and selfies with the Prime Minister quickly started popping up on social media sites, with several users joking about bumping into Canada’s leader on their trek. In one Instagram post, a fellow hiker wrote, “You go for a hike and see your Prime Minister. Ya know, just another Friday."

In another Instagram post, one nature-lover thanked Justin Trudeau for stopping to take a photo with their elderly mother, writing, “Thanks mister Prime Minister for taking the time to take a picture with my mom on her birthday.” In a follow-up tweet, another family member confirmed her mother-in-law was actually 83 years old!

If you’re thinking that the Prime Minister looks a little sweaty in all of these photos, it’s probably because he was! The gruelling Grouse Grind trail is known as ‘Mother Nature’s stairmaster,’ because it has 2,830 steps to get to the top!

Fortunately, it appears Trudeau is in tip top shape, managing to complete the climb seemingly effortlessly. He completed the trek with an impressive time of 52:55, which was exactly two minutes faster than his 2015 hike on the same trail.

Drawing attention to the Prime Minister’s fitness, one Instagram user posted a selfie with the caption, “Finished off a week of training camp by doing the grouse grind with the team and our one and only Prime Minister.” She added the hashtag,  “#themanisfit.”

It appears that Justin Trudeau managed to make a fair few people smile on the Grouse Grind trail yesterday, and it was a great opportunity for Canadians to get a photo with the Prime Minister.

It’s a good reminder to ensure you always have a camera on hand when out hiking in Canada, because you never know who you might bump into!

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