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Justin Trudeau Tattoo Photos Are So Rare And So Worth It

The tattoo is actually two pieces that were done 17 years apart.
Ontario Editor
Justin Trudeau Tattoo Photos Are So Rare And So Worth It

We all know that Justin Trudeau is still one of Canada's biggest heartthrobs and his tattoo is definitely a feature that contributes to his status. Yet, as the Prime Minister of our country, he keeps the tattoo covered up the majority of the time. This is why, when a rare photo of Justin Trudeau's tattoo does surface, it's so worth it. 

In case you didn't already know, Justin Trudeau has a tattoo that covers his entire left bicep. The tattoo features a Haida raven wrapped around the planet Earth. It's been spotted a few times throughout his career as Prime Minister, but the appearances have been limited. 

The tattoo is actually two separate pieces of work that were done 17 years apart.  Trudeau revealed in a tweet that he first got the planet Earth tattoo when he was 23. In an interview with the Hamilton Spectator Trudeau states that it was done by "Tom the Tattoo Artist" in Thailand. 

For his 40th birthday, Trudeau added to his tattoo, getting a Haida raven that was originally created by Robert Davidson. The eagle wraps around the entirety of the Earth tattoo, blending the two pieces into one. 

The Haida raven that is tattooed on Trudeau's bicep was originally designed by Robert Davidson. However, according to the Huffington Post, the well known Haida artist was unaware that the Prime Minister used his work permanently on his arm. 

Yet, the Council of the Haida Nation president, Peter Lantin was overjoyed about the news, stating, "The fact that the prime minister has Haida art on him... of course we're proud of that,". 

According to the Canadian Museum of History, the Raven illustrates a mischievous and cunning creature that is able to teach humans the art of 'living a good life'. 

While not fully confirmed, having a Haida tattoo on his arm can mean a lot of things for Justin. Firstly, Trudeau's family were made honorary members of the Haida in 1967 during his father's term as prime minister. He's also spent years in British Columbia which is home to more than 198 first nations. 

While Trudeau hasn't confirmed the exact meanings of his tattoo, here's one last photo of him showing it off in Vietnam. 

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