Justin Trudeau Said 'Moist' In His Press Conference & Immediately Regretted It (VIDEO)

Twitter had a lot to say about it.
Justin Trudeau's Moistly Usage Was Immediately Regretted By Him
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The Prime Minister's word choice during a press conference didn't sit well with him or with people watching from across the country. Justin Trudeau used the word "moistly" but then immediately regretted it and the moment was hilarious. This is probably not what people expected from his address today.

On April 7, the Prime Minister was asked about the use of masks, and when Canadians should be wearing them, during his daily press conference .

He said that it's best to follow the advice of medical experts when it comes to protecting yourself and others by staying home, keeping two metres apart and wearing masks.

"It protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them," Trudeau said.

Then he shook his head and immediately said "what a terrible image."

After Trudeau said that polarizing word, people got on Twitter right away to react and start talking about what he said.

One person said they are glad that Trudeau "shares the view that ‘moist’ is a terrible word and should be banned from our lexicon."

Someone else said it made their morning.

Another person said he "will not live that one down."

The reactions didn't stop there, though.

A lot more people had things to say about the Prime Minister's word choice.

Someone also said that their reaction to Trudeau saying "moistly" was the most emotion they've shown since being in quarantine.

Another person said, "keep your moist talking at home."

A few weeks earlier, there was another funny moment during one of Trudeau's press conferences.

He had to go back inside his house to grab a coat because it was "a little brisk" outside and people called it peak Canada and the most Canadian thing ever.

No matter where you stand on the moist debate, the Prime Minister instantly regretting his word choice is a lighter moment during the heaviness of this pandemic.

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