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A Conservative Candidate Just Tried To Troll Trudeau's Water Answer And It Was Equally Embarassing (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unintentionally went viral after he made a pretty big mess of answering a pretty simple question. When he announced on Monday that his government would be officially taking steps to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021, you’d think he’d be pretty clued up on the basics. Alas, when asked how his own family had reduced their plastic use, Trudeau couldn’t seem to get his words together.

Looking unprepared and a little embarrassed, the Prime Minister came out with “We have recently switched to drinking water bottles...out of water out of ...when we have water bottles out of a plastic … sorry … away from plastic, towards paper … like drink box water bottles sort of thing.”

It didn’t take long for the internet to start trolling Trudeau, with people from all over the world making jokes about ‘drink box water bottles’ and photos started to emerge of Canadians using ‘boxed water bottles’ in their photos and videos online.

It was all fun and games for Canadians trolling Trudeau on Twitter, until Conservative candidate for Don Valley North, Sarah Fischer, tried to get in on the banter, by posting a video of herself attempting to drink water from a box. The video was received about as well you'd expect when politicians try to do something funny online. 

Fischer’s keen, albeit desperate, attempt to get involved in the viral joke clearly didn’t work out very well. While Trudeau’s bumbling answer was pretty cringe, Canadian’s were quick to point out that this video was equally humiliating, if not much, much worse. One user said “This is so embarrassing, girl.” and another simply wrote “humiliating.”

While many Twitter users simply rolled their eyes at Fischer's poorly-judged attempt at a joke, others were notably more frustrated, with some suggesting she was a bully. One user said "Is that truly how you think you should be elected, by mocking someone. Policies, thoughtful discussion should lead to decision of my vote. People who enjoy bullying may be drawn to you but there is a shift away from this kind of politics."

Although Fischer probably didn't mean any harm by her video, she clearly missed the mark with a lot of Canadians. In fact, there was barely any positive responses to the joke at all. Following the extremely awkward public respose to her video, perhaps Fischer can relate to the Prime Minister a lot more than she originally thought.