A New Poll Shows Justin Trudeau's Approval Rating Is Only 50% But He's Beating Trump

The Iran situation may be why.
A New Poll Shows Justin Trudeau's Approval Rating Is Only 50% But He's Beating Trump

How many Canadians approve of the job that the Prime Minister has been doing? According to one poll, it's only about half. However, Justin Trudeau's approval rating is still higher than that of President Donald Trump.

An Ekos Politics poll conducted from January 10 to 14 this year revealed that exactly half of the country approves of the PM's performance.

The sample size for the poll was 1,196 with a margin of error of 2.8 percent. The results were adjusted to exclude responses from people who selected "don't know."

The numbers show a sharp rise from 2019 when the Prime Minister's numbers dropped to between 30 and 40 percent.

However, they also indicate a large decline from 2016, which showed him peaking at just over 70 percent.

Even at only 50 percent, Trudeau still scores much higher than Donald Trump. Among the same number of Canadians, the U.S. President's approval rating is 14 percent.

According to FiveThirtyEight, which aggregates all current American polls, Trump is more popular in his own country, with a current approval rating of 42.3 percent.

Trudeau has had a lot to handle this year already with Canadians being killed on a Ukrainian Airlines flight that was shot down over Iran. 

According to Ekos, that may be affecting the rise in popularity the Prime Minister is currently experiencing. 

In the same poll, respondents were asked, "how would you like to see the Canadian government respond to this incident?"

The top two most chosen options were "Canada should focus on pursuing an apology and compensation for the victims' families" and "Canada should focus on de-escalating the situation with Iran."

With only three percent, the lowest-scoring answer was "Canada, alongside the United States, should respond with punitive measures against Iran in the form of military action."

Further polls may show different results for the Prime Minister in the future.

Ekos also indicated that this poll was conducted online and is therefore only representative of the country's online population.

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