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RCMP Spent More On Trudeau's Private Island Vacation Than You Make In A Year

They're still trying to pay it back.
Justin Trudeau's Aga Khan Island Vacation Left The RCMP Paying Back $56,000

Justin Trudeau's vacation to the Aga Khan's private island has come under further scrutiny as it was revealed that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police owes the private island $56,000. That's just slightly more than what the average Canadian makes in a year. As such, the prime minister is facing even more opposition criticism.

Even though the trip occurred three years ago, the RCMP has still failed to pay back the money it owes to the island for meals, accommodations, and jet ski rentals.

Canada's national police force claimed that the costs were associated with providing protection to the Prime Minister and his family during their trip to the private island, according to CBC

According to Statistics Canada, in 2018, the average Canadian salary was $55,806.40 a year, meaning the RCMP owes more money than most people make in 12 months.

The entire trip, which was found to have violated ethics rules, cost $215,000 in taxpayer money. The RCMP accounted for $153,504 of that amount.

Trudeau came under fire from the opposition for deciding to take the trip in the first place. There were questions about whether the Aga Khan allowing Trudeau to visit the island could be considered lobbying from a foreign government.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has issued his own criticisms about the trip, as well as the police force owing such a large amount of money to the island.

"Really what it speaks to is a disconnect for what Canadians are going through," Singh said. He continued by highlighting how Canadians are struggling.

"I think that Mr. Trudeau has a lot to answer for," Singh said, "he created this problem in the first place and was found to have breached the ethics code."

The Prime Minister also faced criticism recently for taking a vacation to British Columbia in November. The Federal Court of Appeal will hear a case of whether the Aga Khan broke lobbying rules on December 12.

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