The fires in the Amazon rainforest are still raging, but the leaders at the G7 have now finalized their support for the situation, including the Canadian Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau's Amazon relief pledge includes $15 million, plus the use of Canadian water bombers to help put the fires out. That money makes up more than half of the total $26.5 million (CAD) pledged by all seven countries.

Speaking to reporters at the G7 conference, Trudeau said, "I can’t speak for my G7 partners but we are happy to announce right here, right now that Canada will be investing $15 million ourselves to these forest fires," according to Global News.

The announcement that the G7 member nations would be contributing to the fight against the Amazon fires came early Monday morning. French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters that France would "offer concrete support with military in the region within the next few hours," according to BBC News.

Trudeau has already faced backlash for his comments on the Amazon fires. Most of that came from critics who thought the Prime Minister was ignoring forest fires in Canada, and could do more to protect the country's own forests before the Amazon. His decision to pledge funds and water bombers also comes amongst calls from Canadians asking him to help with the situation.

The plan to do something about the Amazon fires, which have become a globally recognized crisis, was not welcomed by everyone. Brazil's President, Jair Bolsonaro, criticized the G7, particularly Macron, for deciding to take action in a sovereign nation. He said that the G7 plan treats Brazil, "as if we were a colony or no man's land."

The fires in the Amazon have been raging for weeks, and are most likely man-made. The funds provided by the G7 will go toward providing more resources, such as firefighters, to take on the massive blaze.

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