The Conservatives Just Said Trudeau Is Anti-Abortion But Canadians Are Not Interested

"At least he's honest about it! Scheer wouldn't answer the question!"
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Justin Trudeau's Anti-Abortion Views Are Being Called Out By Conservatives

The Canadian federal election campaign has only been officially live for one day, and already things are starting to get pretty heated between the two major political parties. Early on Thursday morning, the official Conservative Party Twitter page accused Justin Trudeau of being anti-abortion in his personal views, but Canadians were quick to stand-up for the Prime Minister.

In their Thursday-morning Twitter post, the Conservative Party shared a tweet from Liberal candidate Carolyn Bennett, who was calling out Andrew Scheer for having an anti-abortion candidate and campaigner in his party. In response, the Conservative Party clapped-back, “[Justin Trudeau] notes that he is personally very opposed to abortion,” adding a link to a 2011 article from CTV News.

The Conservative Party then added, “More fear and smear from an increasingly desperate campaign.”

This comes only weeks after Andrew Scheer came under fire from the public for failing to make his position on abortion and same-sex marriage clear, after a 2005 video of him denouncing gay marriage went viral.

After days of dodging the press, Scheer finally spoke out about his stance, saying only that his Conservative government would not “reopen these divisive social issues.”

While the Conservative Party were probably expecting a considerable reaction to their tweet on Thursday morning, they may have been surprised to realize that many of the responses were in defense of Trudeau, with a number of Canadians arguing that as long as Trudeau’s personal opinions on abortion didn’t affect everyone else, then they were irrelevant! 

One Twitter user responded to say, "[Trudeau] notes that he is personally very opposed to abortion, but still believes nobody can tell a woman what she should do with her body.’ Way to cherry pick what is already a paraphrase...This is really sad @CPC_HQ.”

Another had a similar opinion, tweeting, “But he doesn’t think his beliefs should bind the rest of the country. That’s how he and @liberal_party differ from you and @AndrewScheer.”

Several Canadian Twitter users also took the opportunity to remind Andrew Scheer that it had taken him days to speak up about his opinion on abortion in Canada, and commended the Prime Minister for his honesty and openness on the matter.

One Canadian wrote, “At least he's honest about it! Scheer wouldn't answer the question!!"

Another added, “Yes he did say that.  He was very clear on his position and it did not take him 8 days answer.  I saw @AndrewScheer response and it was not very convincing. You are both wrong.  It is simple. It is nobodies of your business [sic].”

This isn’t the first time the Conservative Party official Twitter page has attempted to drag Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and faced criticism from the Canadian public. Shortly after Scheers anti-same-sex marriage video went viral, the party responded by tweeting a list of allegedly homophobic comments by Liberal candidates and MP’s, which was met with a highly critical response.

Overall, this election is predicted to be possibly one of the nastiest in Canadian history, with all parties doing whatever it takes to win over the Canadian public before October!

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