It’s not unusual for Canada’s major party leaders’ to share photos and videos of them interacting with small children and babies on the campaign trail, and they often share such photos on their social media accounts. However, Justin Trudeau took things one step further during a campaign stop on Tuesday, comforting a crying baby by saying they were just jealous of his eyebrows!

In the middle of a campaign stop in New Brunswick on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped to pose for a couple of pictures with a family and their young baby. Shortly after, the child seemed to get a little upset, and started to cry.

Jumping straight into dad-mode, Trudeau decided to step in with some hilariously bizarre baby-talk. In a video posted on Twitter, the Prime Minister can be heard saying to the child, “You’re just jealous of my eyebrows, aren’t you?”

He goes on to soothe the child by adding, “You’ll get eyebrows one day, I promise.” 

Laughing with the child’s parents, Trudeau contiued, "I know. I know." He eventually added, "You’ll get very nice eyebrows one day.” Before raising and lowering his own infamously bushy eyebrows several times.

“Yes, just like me,” he went on to joke with the child.

This isn’t the first time that the Prime Minister’s eyebrows have made their way onto the internet. Back in 2018, Trudeau’s eyebrows caused quite a stir online, when some Twitter users accused him of wearing fake eyebrows to the G7 Summit.

In a hilarious Twitter debate, some Canadians believed that the Prime Ministers eyebrow was actually slipping off, suggesting that he could be wearing fake brows for the event.

During this election campaign, Justin Trudeau has clearly enjoyed meeting his smallest and youngest fans, regularly sharing pictures of his interactions with the youngsters on his Instagram.

As a dad-of-three himself, Trudeau is probably no stranger to the cries of a small child. However, his latest, hilariously unusual baby-talk techniques will certainly raise a few eyebrows!

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